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Is your child reading chapter books? Does your child love illustrated chapter books and funny books? Well, Bing vs. the J-Crew is one of the best chapter books for kids!

Bing vs. the J-Crew is a light-hearted, funny chapter book with tons of illustrations that children will love. Bing is a bird-loving, science nut who just wants to make it through the last ten days of school. He also wouldn’t mind being crowned Science Student of the Year on Awards Day. However, Chad and Braxton (the J-Crew) are planning the ultimate prank to get Bing. After Bing overhears them plotting, he joins forces with his best friend, Joni, to crush their plan.   

Bing vs. the J-Crew is a fun book to read, and it has important lessons on bullying for children ages 7-9. Bing faces his fears; shows how to be a great friend; and demonstrates how to forgive. Bing learns that unlike mockingbirds and crows, children who are different can come together and be friends. It's a great lesson for Bing and for other children as well. Also, multicultural children’s books like Bing vs. the J-Crew are good chapter books for kids to read. 

Bing and the Stinky Stinker Prank

Please enjoy the first chapter below:


January 2017
Ages: Children 7-9 
Hardbound | 128 pages | 110 illustration | 5.75 x 7.5 | ISBN 978-0-9814874-7-2
Author: Nadine Johnson

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