My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides – Weeks 9 and 10

Weeks 9 and 10

Could this mycosis fungoides be a blessing in disguises? I've learned a lot about food and attaining good health during this journey. The knowledge has changed my way of thinking and my family’s eating habits for the better. It’s been ten weeks since I’ve eaten any sugar or fruit. I started back using banana and maple syrup in baking though.

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes and have enjoyed most of them. I made a very nice oat bread using maple syrup this week. I made vegetarian Jamaican patties using spelt flour and cauliflower pizza, which were very good. I must say that I miss ordering a regular pizza at times or eating out on a Friday so I don’t have to cook. However, I believe that fast food is anti-health and the worst food for my body.

My son told me about a documentary he watched in school on the meat industry. He also told me about a book he read called Food Inc. What he learned confirmed what I already knew. The food in most restaurants is scientifically created to keep customers coming back. Restaurant owners get richer while their customers get sicker.

Fast food restaurants do solve our temporary problem of getting meals quickly, but at what cost? We are making doctors and pharmaceutical companies very happy by filling our bodies with junk. And to make it worse, we are taking our kids on the same sick journey. We give them all things sugar related and call it a “treat” when it’s actually a drug. The information is available, but you have to want to see for it to register. You have to want to change in order for the information to take hold in your mind.

This is my new lifestyle. I’m so glad I wised up before I completely led my son astray. He will be healthier than I will ever be and that is worth it all.

Foods/Things I Stopped (along with everything from weeks 1-4):

Took a pause from green drinks

Foods/Things I Started (along with everything from week 1-4):

Maple syrup (in oat bread)

Banana/raison (to make sugarless oatmeal cookies)