My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides - Weeks 7-8

Weeks Seven and Eight

My fight to permanently get rid of my mycosis fungoides has been life changing. I’m finding my groove during Weeks 7 and 8. I spent a lot of time thinking about candy bars, cookies, cupcakes and all the things I gave up at the beginning of my diet. Now I’m focusing on the things I can eat and making them taste delicious. I savor the flavors and smile when I eat. It feels good knowing I’m doing something good for my body.


I’m still sugar free. However, I did have meat twice. I didn’t over indulge though. I had small servings and loaded up on the vegetables. I worked on exercising more and getting sunlight.


I ate an avocado that made me violently ill. So no more avocados. I have to play around with what works. Everything won’t be for me. I tried some new recipes, which worked well. One I liked was roasted chickpeas. It was simple and tasted pretty good.

I’m working on constantly garnering positive thoughts about my health and my ability to make myself well. I want to be well. I want to be able to write and fulfill the dreams I have for myself. I want to be able to make a difference in the world. I need to be well to do that so I will be well…period. I hope I start seeing changes soon. I feel good about it.

Foods/Things I Stopped (along with everything from weeks 1-4):

Negative thinking


Foods/Things I Started (along with everything from week 1-4):

Chao vegan cheese (a little goes a long way)

Mostly organic foods (when the price isn’t ridiculous)