My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides - Weeks 17 and 18

Weeks 17 and 18

I received some good test results from my blood work (after waiting way too long). The doctor advised me to spend more time in the sun. I’ve been trying to get 15 minutes a day. This will help my skin and my low vitamin D level as well. So I’m killing two birds with one stone. I haven’t been able to do it consistently because the weather has been weird. My work schedule is also all over the place.

(Sidebar: Doctors don’t give complete information these days. They don’t take the time to go over your health in detail anymore? You have to ask question after question to pull information out of them. If you don’t know the right questions to ask, you are stuck with incomplete information. It’s impossible to make good decisions about your health with missing facts. Now I’m left wondering what didn’t I ask. I know they are busy, but so am I. I know they are tired of repeating information – try being a teacher. Everybody deserves a complete pro and con rundown of possible treatment for his/her ailment.)

I’m in quite a rhythm with all these dietary changes. It seems like this is how I was always eating. I did have a cheat day and had some regular pizza this past weekend. I’m right back on my diet though.

Foods/Things I Stopped (along with everything from weeks 1-16):

I never in a million years thought I would go this long without sugar.

Foods/Things I Started (along with everything from weeks 1-16):

Trying different types of legumes and vegetables