My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides - Weeks 15 and 16

Weeks 15 and 16

Weeks 15 and 16 lead to “buying” frustrations.

How can buying healthy food be so complicated? Why is it so difficult to determine what foods are actually good to eat. Why is there so much bad food? Sugar-free foods are usually filled with fake “sugars” that are worse for our health. A lot of gluten-free foods have ingredients that are horrible for our blood sugar. And most foods that are known as “treats” are actually more like poison to the body. Who is really running this system? Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pharmaceutical companies are pulling all the strings. Is getting rich really worth making entire generations sick?

So I’m eating more vegetables, quality meats, legumes, and nuts. But buying them is overly complicated.

Vegetables, Fruits, and Legumes

There are organic products that may not be non-GMO and vise versa. So I’m learning that I have to make sure my produce and legumes are both organic and non-GMO to maybeget the best quality (nothing is certain these days). The price of organic and non-GMO products defer from store to store, which is a pain. I usually go with what’s on sale on any given week.

Quality Meats

Oh my goodness! The language on meat is like a riddle and the consumer has to guess what each company is really trying to say.

Example1: “No antibiotics ever” is different from “No added antibiotics”

Example2: “Grass fed” beef is different from “Grass fed to finish”

Example3: “Free range” chicken is different from “Cage free” which is different from “Pasture raised.”

And there are a host of variations in between. For example, are the animals fed non-GMO feed? Are the electrocuted or humanly slaughtered? Maybe the companies don’t think we care. Maybe we as consumers aren’t speaking up loud enough to make these companies act responsibly. Maybe their plan is to confuse us so much that we throw our hands up in the air and buy with our eyes shut. We can’t fall for their trickery. We have to demand quality. The Food and Drug Administration will not stand up for us. They have proven that by the confusing labels and the chemicals they have allowed these companies to put into our food. We have to stand to by not spending another dime on substandard food.

I’m off my soapbox and back to reading food labels after labels after labels.

Foods/Things I Stopped (along with everything from weeks 1-14):

I never in a million years thought I would go this long without sugar.

Foods/Things I Started (along with everything from weeks 1-14):