My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides - Week 4

Week four brought more knowledge and frustrations. I’ve been watching additional videos to learn about the body and nutrition from all angles. I’m trying not to be obsessive about it so I give myself breaks from the plethora of information.

Paring my foods properly is still the biggest challenge. Also, finding new recipes that taste good is difficult. And sometimes a girl just wants a turkey sandwich or a slice of pizza. However, I’m steadfast in my pursuit of curing my mycosis fungoides.

I learned that snacking between meals also reduces the hydrochloric acid in my stomach. In order to stop snacking, I realized I have to eat bigger meals. I’m also giving my son bigger meals since his meals are now comprised of a lot of vegetables.

Here are some of my meals.

I use a lot of natural seasonings such as thyme, cilantro, parsley, onions, pepper, and garlic in just about everything I cook. The meals are flavorful and enjoyable.

Foods I Stopped Eating (along with everything from Weeks 1-3):

Canola oil

Foods I Started Eating (along with everything from Week 1-3):

Unrefined virgin NonGMO Coconut oil