My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides – Week 3

Week Three

Week three brought my side-kick along for the ride and I had a few wins!

My Side-kick

During the process of changing my diet, I’ve been trying to get my son onboard. I educate him on everything I’m learning. He also understands my health issues and why I’m making the changes. I don’t force him to eat the way I eat, but he is gradually embracing the new ideas I’m implementing. Besides, I’m cooking the same foods – I’m just paring them differently and adding more vegetables in the mix.

For example:

1) We made cookies for his lunch with coconut flour instead of the regular flour. We also substituted butter with coconut oil, and sugar with maple syrup. They came out great (not as sweet), but he didn’t think they needed to be sweeter.

2) We substituted millet porridge for cream of wheat. It cooks just as quickly and tasted almost the same (He likes grinding the seeds, too.)

3) He likes the granola cereal I made, which is great. I do have a box of Chex, for those rush mornings.

4) I don’t restrict foods that he used to eat. Last week he wanted pizza at school and I allowed him to get some. I’m working on finding a substitute that will make him okay with giving it up. However, if he doesn’t it’s okay. Being too restrictive with kids will only make them less likely to bend your way.

My Wins for the Week

Making these dietary changes isn't easy, but I’m focused on the end result. I didn’t eat my sister’s lasagna (that took the will of ten-thousand men). I also didn’t buy a candy bar that was on sale for $.50. I was able to conquer these obstacles because my WHY for doing this is bigger than the temptation.

Foods I Stopped Eating (along with everything from Weeks 1-2):

Eating less meat (once per week)

No deli meats

Foods I Started Eating (along with everything from Weeks 1-2):

Aloe water (I buy the fresh aloe leaf and soak a piece of the flesh in a glass of water twice a week. It tastes horrible, but I deal with it.)

Warm lemon water in the morning before I eat breakfast.

I'm also exercising more