My Fight Against Mycosis Fungoides – Week 1

Week One

Before the dreaded biopsy test came back, I told myself I was not doing the light treatments again. The treatments sap all my energy and I have to do it for at least a year. So when the test came back positive, I lost it.

But God sent another perfect storm. My sister had been contemplating becoming a vegetarian or vegan or whatever—she’s trying to give up meat. Being Jamaican though, it’s hard to give up jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtail, escovitch fish and on and on. Anyway, she had been sending me Youtube videos on eating better, juicing, and telling me how dead meat is (I know it’s dead, I wouldn’t eat it if it was alive). When I told her the doctor wanted me to start the light treatments again, she sent me a video by Barbara O’Neill.

I watch the first one, which sent me down the rabbit hole to watching her other videos. Everything she talked about made perfect sense. I can’t stop this stupid cancer if I keep feeding it. And I’ve been feeding it well.

I decided to try and starve the cancer to see if it will go away. The doctor scared me good. However, the type of MF I have isn’t aggressive yet, I don’t have any swollen lymph nodes, and I’m in otherwise good health. If this doesn’t work or if I see worsening effects I will do the treatments—I want to live after all. (Note to self: Don’t blame Barbara or YouTube if it doesn’t work.)

I’m not a health nut, but I do eat a decent amount of vegetables and legumes and I cook 90% of my food. Therefore, making the dietary changes that were recommended weren’t too difficult EXCEPT it was HARD cutting the sugar and the snacking. I have a sweet tooth a mile long.

I’m winging it as I try to follow the diet recommendations. Here are some things I implemented the first week.



For 3 days, I juiced some green vegetables for breakfast and lunch. Then I had soup for dinner. I had to eat something for dinner because I don’t like feeling weak. I don’t think starving myself helps anything. I gave my digestion system some rest so I’m good.

Foods I Stopped Eating:

All sugar

All fruits


Hybrid wheat (found in most processed food)

Red meat


Caffeine (I don’t drink sodas or coffee, but I gave up my tea)


Food I Started Eating or Increased:

Nuts (brazil, walnut, almonds – handful)


Legumes (lintels, chick peas etc.)



Cayenne pepper

Turmeric root


After Week 1 I’m still alive and probably going through sugar withdrawal. On to Week 2.