Dear Son, No Tattoos, Please

A letter to my sons and daughters.

Son, you do not need marks on your body to remember your purpose, triumphs, failures, dreams or me. All those things are already written in your DNA, soul, and mind. Your body was created by God to already be a PERFECT reflection of you, and to walk you toward your destiny.

Think about this: The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famous painting in the world. If I were to go to the Louvre is Paris and put a cute little red heart on the corner of the painting (because I love it so, so much), I would be jailed and banished from all eternity for ruining such a revered piece of art.

Well, your body was created by the greatest craftsman. The greatest artist. The original potter. The almighty God. You are an original — a masterpiece that no one can ever replicate or duplicate. Not even God himself will create another you. That’s how rare and valuable you are, so revere yourself and others will do the same. And, no tattoos, please.

So, son, don’t let anyone with a hot needle ruin your body, which was crafted and perfected by your creator. If you loose your way, don’t go to a tattoo shop. Sit. Close your eyes. Look inside. Seek. Reconnect to God and all will be well. And, one last time - no tattoos, please.

Nadine Johnson